This Guy Bought A Telescope And Pictures Taken From It Are So Stunning

The mystery of the outer world adheres to our brain till a point we can’t actually figure out the definition of infinity. The word ‘infinity’ is scary to the most of us. The idea of something that never ends is chilling. However, when you look at the stars, you realize how spectacular infinity can be.

So when a fellow Earthian bought a C11 telescope, they decided to click some mind blowing pictures. With an 11″ Schmidt Cassegrain telescope, the following compilation of photographs was compiled. They might go into the category of ‘serious amateur’ but stunning is what they are.


1. The polar caps on Mars.

2. The largest planet Jupiter shines in the sky with its red spot visible.


3. Saturn on July 2017.

4. Uranus along with its four moons. It might be oh-so-dim to us but those greenish dots are perplexing to the eyes.

5. You gotta look hard for this one. You are staring at Neptune and its moon Triton.

6. Here’s Venus in its crescent phase.

7. So much cloud details on Jupiter.

8. Here’s Plato crater and alpine valley.

9. The beautiful lunar eclipse from September 2015.

11. Here’s a very dynamic image of the moon. Isn’t it stunning?

12. This is the Sun as seen from a hydrogen alpha telescope.

13. Tycho crater along with the rays surrounding it.

14. Here’s a closeup to the sunspots group 2371.

15. Just look at this waxing crescent moon.

(Credit: bubbleweed/Imgur)