30 Things which are more Annoying than Crappy Wi-Fi Connections

Somethings remain common to everything-Happens to you, and me and every other human on the planet! Things such as chocolates, slimes, sneakers, star trek, and fidgets are something that most, if not all, would usually like. While there are other things such as being conned by an advertisement or using a pen that won’t work or eating a burger that’s too stuffy or the flaky expectation vs. reality moments that would hurt you deeply and make you curse your life, and maybe everyone around you in the nastiest way possible. Here are some of the things that we find the most annoying and we think, you do too!



 1. When even nature is duping you.

 2. Nothing is right in this photograph…


 3. This could claim many lives.

4. This is like bacteria and diseases calling you.

5. Who designs these awful computers?

6. ‘Do not fold’ it said (in bold).

7. That moment when you need it desperately and this happens…

8. At least their color’s similar!

 9. All that the toe has to endure because of this.

10. So many Dr. Peppers in a misleading carton of crush Orange!

 11. So now even the food is photoshopped for the sake of ads.

12. It has more plastic than chocolate in it!

13. This sandwich will make you doubt everything.

14. Printing books on glossy paper is not a very good idea…

15. What a waste of ink!

16. That one blue bead in the middle ruins everything…

17. When this happens and you are in a hurry!

18. This will remind you of so many embarrassing moments.

19. When you try to open it with all energy and this happens…

20. Walking with glasses on on a rainy day…

21. When you make a delicious pie and someone does this…

22. Whoever designed such annoying stickers.

23. And these bar handles that have legit no purpose.

24. Clean your desktop for the love of God!

25. A sandwich that’s actually just bread.

26. This Fancy restaurant loves to mess up their customers by putting sauce on the bun!

27. And nothing feels good when this happens on a chilly day!

 28. Oh! That’s a parked car by the way!

29. Just when you thought you ‘ll eat a flavored candy that looks like a cute panda!

30. Lessons on why you need to see up real close when buying stuff!

(Source: PIXIMUS)