18 Things That Looks So Much Peculiar Under The Microscope

Our planet earth is known to be a huge place. We can’t explore it completely in a lifetime. If you look closer, everything seems peculiar and of a different version.

The world can be very different when seen under a microscope. Quite literally. Just imagine being able to see things enlarged a hundred times. A thousand times. It is truly a bizarre thing if you think about it. Your mind must be going wild with all the possibilities, isn’t it? And to feed it with something interesting, here are some of the pictures of microscope-d stuff that will make you say amazeballs.



1. I know you will not believe it at all but here’s a snail’s tongue.

2. Here’s a tapeworm.


3. LCD screen looks something like this under the microscope.

4. Snow doesn’t look like snow at all.

5. Ball pen looks pretty ballsy, doesn’t it?

6. Silicone Dioxide definitely has polka dot touch to it.

7. Spider has a peculiar look on.

8. Okay, this is making me not look like espresso anymore.

9. When vanilla didn’t look like vanilla at all.

10. Mouse embryo looking like molecules.

11. Laptop screens have a colorful touch to it.

12. Is this sugar or a prism?

13. Tequilla shots, anyone?

14. Gold appears to be expensive even under the microscopic vision.

15. Polyester stretched too far, I guess.

16. A pen can be so penny when its looked at like this.

17. Sand filled with so many crystals.

18. And for all those people who are neat and tidy, here is a human lice.

(source: AcidCow)