16 Photos Showing How Time Can Slightly Fade Away Everything

What can we say about things turning old? It’s a harsh reality that we just have got to accept, right? Surely, life or rather things would stay better if this wasn’t the case. But, it’s true that everything has its age and sooner or later we have to say goodbye to it. Yes, even to your favorite pair of shoes. It’s a painful fact but what else can we do other than accepting it with a sigh.

From our skin turning all wrinkly and thin as we age to our favorite keychain becoming a mess with time, most of the things in life are irreversible. These mini things can give you a quick reminder of how fast life is actually moving and you are growing old. So, with a hidden motive to hit you with nostalgia here, we present to you 16 basic everyday objects that got worn out badly. We’re sure you’ll be able to relate to a lot of them. Go ahead and have a look.



1. Choose as per your color preference.

2. In love with the shape of shoe.


3. He performed his job well.

4. The feet looks all melted now.

5. Because actions speak louder.

6. Giving a reminder of your grandparents, right?

7. Kind of creating a new design of its own.

8. Clearly, the catty seems to have a thing for this leg.

9. It’s almost like a new one.

10. When you just can’t get enough of something you keep using it no matter how it looks.

11. It’s time for it to rest in peace or at least take a vacation!

12. The golden finger of luck.

13. Looks like The Hulk or his cousin stepped here.

14. The TV screen is stuck back in time. How cool is that!

15. 134 years is a long long time.

16. This is so amazing!

(source: 9Gag)