15 Gimmicky Toys that Puzzled You All Your Childhood and Might Still Do Today

Magic wasn’t simply a word when we were younger, it was a reality. Our heart which refused to follow logic believed everything it saw and slapped the tag of magical right onto it. Back then, facts and logic were an alien concept to us. Hence, we choose to believe the colorful sand coming out of the water was dry because a spell had been cast on it.

The best part is that the sand wasn’t the only magical thing. There were so many other toys which maintained our belief in something supernatural existing within the realm that is our ecosystem.



1. The sand which was instantly dry as soon as you took it out of the water.

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2. Baby born dolls that ate food and never pooped but drank water and peed like crazy.


3. The giant bubble emerging from a dot on a smelly plastic.


4. Live monkey pets that came to life from powder.

5. The bottles from which milk disappeared when you turned them upside down.


6. Magical bubbles you can hold on your hands without popping.


7. Plastic cap that shot smoke when you pulled the trigger.


8. Those edible experiment kits which allowed you to make edible-looking things.

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9. Baby All Gone cherries that were in the spoon when you put it in the jar.

10. Dolls that floated in the air even when you pulled the string very hard.


11. Furbies that talked to you.

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12. Electronic Poo-Chi dogs that give you heart eyes when you feed it bones.

13. The mousetrap puzzle which you always constructed wrong no matter what.

14. These sticks which had no purpose at all from making a weird noise.

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15. Pixel Chix game in which the character jumped to a different screen when two games are brought together.