Donald Trump Jr Tweeted About Candies And Socialism After Halloween, and People Are Roasting Him Badly

If you think that the memes and jokes on the First Family are all gone, well it hasn’t just yet! You know, since the family comes with a royal bloodline of controversies and heated public discussions, I guess there won’t be an ending troll about them on social media.

It must be really hard to walk on landmines where media is the actual bomb. And to be honest, the Trumps does have their fair share amount of deranged ludicrosity of attracting eyes towards them, it’s bizarre but it’s still an entertainment to the world.

This Halloween, Donal Trump Jr. tweeted saying, he will donate half of Chole’s candy to a child who’s sitting at home, in order to teach his daughter socialism. Wait and watch how the Twitter fam reacted, it’s not as sweet as the candy!


You do know she received those candies as a treat, right Jr?

Yes, this Mister needs a little touch up about festive.


And he thought people won’t see it or his just dumb.

This is more likely to happen.

Man, that’s the first thing which caught my eye too, and I thought big people have other people who edit their social accounts.


Well, at least Chole looks super cute in her cop costume. And let’s hope Trump Jr. is not serious about the candies, trust me it’ll only spread more cavities and less socialism.

(h/t: ThePoke)