Hilarious Tweets Showing People’s Reactions After Losing Their Phones

If someone asks me, what are the three things I can’t live without? Without even thinking twice, I’d easily say, my phone, wifi, and food. Don’t raise an eyebrow there, it’s the truth. And what happens when I’m out of one of these things. Yes, you guessed it right, just one word, CRAZY!

It’s so pitiful that the most intelligent species in the world i.e. Humans are being controlled by technology. We do eat food to stay alive and get energy but our lives are super-dependent on tech. And one of the most controlling machines is the mobile phone. It sticks to your body no matter where you are. And when we lost them, it feels like as if the earth has opened up to swallow us down. How dramatic, innit? While the art of forgetfulness has totally stolen the big picture in this lost and found riot, we can’t help but share it with you lot the experience of some funny people who took it to Twitter to jot down their inexplicable reaction in losing their cell phones and the relieve in finding it again.



1. And we are pretty sure you found it this morning, thus the tweet.

2. I bet Siri gets called out more than your wife.

3. Probably because you were too confident about not losing it again.

4. “I’m stuck in the dark but you’re my flashlight”.

5. That back pocket is so used to hiding your cell, girl!

6. Oh no, I’m betting you mistook the phone for nachos.

7. That phone is definitely not getting disturbed.

8. Haha, Stark Industries has found the new boss.

9. The trouble he went through just hurts my soul.

10. Ahh, do not stress, Elon is just an exceptional case.