24 Tweets Which Went Viral With Over 10,000 Re-tweets In A Jiff

Twitter is an online news and social networking site based in San Francisco, California, U.S. where registered users can post messages, “tweets” up to 140 characters. It is widely used and famous among celebrities as it has a wide range of a platform to make their voice heard by fans and people all around the world.

Sometimes users tweet incredibly odd or unique statements and pictures that go viral and end up with enormous retweets. So, we took the liberty to gather some of the tweets on Twitter gaining around 10,000 retweets.

If you are a Twitter person you might have witnessed some of these tweets in action. Enjoy!



1. Finally showing some light on how to land a frontpage on Forbes Magazine.

2. It’s hard to choose one, why not just get the wigs and nail it both!


3. The patience which you’ve been faking is showing off its true color!

4. Haha, very true and relatable.

5. Ryan is not only dashing but quite tired of baby jokes too.

6. And I go, ”The hardest medium rare ever!”

7. Well, at least now you know why they said ‘do not touch’.


8. Yes, the reason is very legit.

9. I mean did she thought butter was made from butterflies?

10. Caleb’s reference is a bit odd but it’s relevant.


11. I bet this was Strawberry Shortcake’s idea!

12. My reaction was, “Justin sure didn’t miss just more than her body!”

13. I can relate to this because I’m around people who reply messages after 6-7 hours!

14. Wow, this answers everything, like ‘So, it’s not Global Warming that’s melting the ice glaciers?” Pfft!

15. Even if they get offended, I think this is forgivable!

16. This mum is obsessed with Chanel.

17. How can a baby already know what ‘jealousy’ is?

18. The feeling of guilt that you can’t walk out of.

19. I swear I’d wet the floor too!

20. Taking all the time the Universe can provide.

21. That smug stare reminds of my mum when she’s not happy with my actions.

22. Happens every time, especially when you have an awkward convo on the roof with a weird person!

23. I wish if I was apart of this family too.

24. Did the dogs dump their p**p in space in 1977?

(h/t: Buzzfeed)