15 Photos Showing Very Weird Things Found In A Mom’s Bag

Being a mom is not an easy task. It can easily take a toll on anyone. Hence, it is necessary that when a situation calls you are all ready for it. Nothing should stop you from being the best mom ever and getting a nod of approval from everyone.

In case, you need practice, here’s a gallery to help you do just that. These ladies nailed it. There’s no other way to put it. You will discover that their bags contained vital things you might be needed as a mother. See and learn.



1. Always, always keep a stock of half-eaten food.

#mompurse #momwin

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2. In case, you are required to run for something at any given time.


I spy a #mompurse

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3. A sip of wine to calm you the heck down.

All the necessities for a ?? night. #mompurse

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4. Or you can simply grab everything.

5. Be all set with the toys your child might or might not need.

You might be a mom if … #mompurse #boymom

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6. You are supposed to be armed around the clock.

I always find so many random things when I clean my purse out! A stretchy lizard…a toy car! Lol! Mom purse here ?

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7. Oh, she stumbled upon that in her car. How to make this situation easy peasy? Just name the dead fish.

8. You have to be up-to-date with everything.

When you are a mom the bottom of your purse looks like this. On the plus side I found chocolate ? #mompurse

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9. Ready. Get set. Gooooo!

10. Because you gonna need enough dinosaurs.

#mompurse #toddlerproblems #dinosaurseverywhere

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11. Don’t forget to clean it, though. You never know what you gonna find there.

Just reached into my purse and found this!!! #mompurse #rheaumefamilyadventure

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12. Anyone craving for a tangerine?

Anyone need a tangerine? LMK, I have an extra in my purse. ?#jezpez

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13. It’s a mission, people. A mission you might win.

today's parent-identifying stowaways. much better than a crushed banana. #mompurse

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14. Or a mission you might have to abort.


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15.  They literally are everywhere.

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