Women Bravely Share What They Do “As Involuntarily Celibate” and It’s Fabulous

Women Bravely Respond On Twitter To “Why Are Men Celibate?” And It’s Fabulous
Twitter Women Are Not Afraid To Answer A Question On Twiter On Why Men Are Single
Women From Everywhere Talk About “Incels” And Say Why They’re Single On Twitter
In case you guys have been wondering (which you are not), ‘incels’ are generally men who are celibate because they treat women badly. They have horrible personalities, but they keep on blaming women for denying them the pleasures of s**. For a detailed elaboration of the term, kindly Google it.
It was invented 20 years ago by a woman for men who had violent misogynistic traits.
Inspired by the similar idea, Caitlin Moran asked women on Twitter to tell what’s keeping them involuntarily celibate.


1. That’s what probably everyone should invest their time in learning.

2. That explains it better.

3. Doing better things in life.

4. Yes, girl. You are awesome.


5. A reason that cannot be avoided.

6. Things we should all learn.

7. Sounds like a perfect plan.

8. And here I thought being hairier was better.


9. Woah! This is worth the celibacy.

10. Okay, no comments on this.

So ladies, in case you are one of them, please do share with us the reasons you have been involuntarily celibate. We’d love to hear your thoughts!