20 Weird Pictures Showing Why Australia Is One Of The Strangest Places on Earth

Let’s just agree that we all think about how wild the wild really is. Okay, maybe we don’t think about it at all but there certainly are some rare moments when we gaze at the infinity of greenery and fauna. Then, there is the populace of Australia that comes face to face with most us don’t even get to see our whole life.

Australia is the place to be if you are an animal lover and in case, you are not an animal lover, then it is definitely the place where you should end up.



1. The question remains is that whether we should we talk about the cuteness of it or be scared.


2. What the heck is this? Why wilderness, why?

3. Check out your shoes before wearing them.

4. No one is throwing away trash now.

5. Wanna sleep early today? No thanks.

6. Just look at this snake casually chilling in this person’s pot.

7. Then, there is this little guy having a swim.

8. Let’s just unsee this one and move on with life.

9.  Welcome to Australia


10. A random poser holding a random worm.

11. Oh no! Just no.

12. This kid is so brave. Do not expect this level of bravery from me.

13. This is one heck of a war going on right here.

14. This is better than movie action.

15. Tame the darn crocodile, lady.

16. I don’t know what’s up with that gooey white thing. I don’t want to know.

(h/t: Acidcow)

17. That’s because, Australia is in the southern hemisphere of the Earth.


18. When is so much hot in summer



19. Me wondering how Australians survive on daily basis.

20. That’s my Boy