14 Funny Pictures Showing Why Google Assistant Is More Savage Than Siri

If you are an Android user you might be familiar with Google Now app, well an updated version was announced by Google on May 2016 which is known as Google Assitant, a virtual personal assistant that can engage in two-way conversations. It began to be deployed on other Android devices in February and for iOS devices on May 2017.

The app assists and interacts with an input device and a natural voice with which we can command the device to search the Internet, schedule events, and alarms, adjust hardware settings on the user’s device, and show information from the user’s Google account.

And it also has a quirky and witty side. Many users of the app ask random and funny questions that are inappropriate or ill-suited to ask the smart speaker. But the app has answers for every question that ended up so hilarious and here are some of the convos.



1. Google can get upset as well.

2. And the device is pretty bang on, on being diplomatic!

3. How isn’t possible to have all the answers.

4. Google Earth is always there to save you!

5. The pathetic question, this is what I’ll probably ask my Google.

6. And it can give you cheesy & sarcastic pick-up lines as well.

7. Oh and a savage too, poor human!

8. I thought they’d teach you that too, Google!


9. And Google is smart.

10. The answers are so random, what sorcery is this?

11. I’m gonna ask this all the freaking time.

12. I’m an Android fan too and biased, I think I found my soulmate.

13. Omg, that is so cringy!

Ask Google if she knows to drive and she typically answers “Who needs a driver’s license when you can take me places”.

14. Haha, the Star War joke, Google is bae!

(h/t: guidingtech)