Women are comparing themselves to Kate Middleton after giving birth, and it’s freaking hilarious

You all might be aware that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has recently given birth to a baby boy. I mean a prince. Only 7 hours after giving birth, she made a public appearance which left everyone stumped.

She was looking as gracious and poise as a royalty can manage to look only a few hours after giving birth. Scratch that, the 31-year-old looked perfect in a Jenny Packham dress.

In fact, she inspired other mums to share their pictures after delivery.


This mother who looks confused for some reason.

Nothing compares to the happiness of being a mother.

This mother who believes in spreading positivity.


Wearing high heels after giving birth? No, thank you.

A happy family right here.

Oh yeah. We were so confused.

Every single one of them is so stunning.


No one can look as wonderful as Kate, to be frank.

We do see the similarities.

A big smile for the happy family.

Don’t they look adorable?

Well, actually every single one of these mothers looks adorable and happy but Kate Middleton probably tops the list with her royal style.

(h/t: ThePoke)