Women Of Twitter describe themselves as A Male Writer Would, and we are Cracking Up

There is something very funny about women using their creativity to shut down their so-called critics and wannabe critics. Hence, when a male author on Twitter claimed that he can very well portray females through his writings.

young adult author, Gwen Katz was reading a Twitter conversation initiated through #ownvoices, which is a hashtag created to recommend YA and children’s books “diverse characters written by authors from that same diverse group.”

When she was going through the Twitter conversation she stumbled upon one specific male author who was very sure that he is able enough to write female characters in an authentic way.
Then, she went on to prove her point by quoting some lines from his novel.

“I sauntered over, certain he noticed me. I’m hard to miss, I’d like to think – a little tall (but not too tall), a nice set of curves if I do say so myself, pants so impossibly tight that if I had had a credit card in my back pocket you could read the expiration date. The rest of my outfit wasn’t that remarkable, just a few old things I had lying around. You know how it is.”


Whitney Reynolds got a sniff of everything burning the internet down and hence, she challenged the Twitteratis to describe themselves as a male would.

There are many many women who participated in the challenge but we chose only the gems of the tweet for you.


When words describe you perfectly. *weeps in a corner*

That explains a lot.

Male authors do know what they are talking about.

The porcelain skin never fails to impress.

What’s happening here? Such smoothness is unexpected.

Focusing more on the roundness of her curves than the power in her voice.

Some of the responses were inspired by famous authors like  Jack Kerouac (“Her breasts stuck out straight and true; her little flanks looked delicious”) and  George R.R. Martin (“Her small breasts moved freely beneath a painted Dothraki vest”).

Because her gender called to be told who is in the power.

Too many kinds of pretty to bound yourself to just on one.

Almond shaped eyes do look enticing.

These ladies hit the roof to get the description right.

Crash into her like a darn wave.

It’s quite obvious when a woman says no to you, she is a lesbian. Like, duh.

So next time you see a writer being all poetic about a woman’s eyes and they are almond in shape, remember these tweets and chuckle about the pure absurdity of male brains.