20 Women Who Tweeted For The Sole Purpose Of Slaying In 2017

2017 is almost coming to an end and its time we celebrate whatever good that went down the road for 365 days. Not only are people rejoicing but they are also ready to welcome 2018 with open arms. This post, specifically, is devoted to all the women who have been working so hard to be themselves.

There selfless-selves was enough for us to leave our seats for giving them a standing ovation. Let’s hope these sorts of spirited tweets keep on coming in the next year as well. You’d be laughing your hearts out as you scroll down.

Happy laughing!



1. Because everyone has got their own priorities.

2. “Yeah, at least, you sparkle.”

3. Friendzone has finally been put into words.

4. Carrie Fisher will always be a queen.

5. Never. The answer is never.

6. We always know what we don’t know but we behave like we know.

7. We should make one that shouts that.

8. Or struggling to. Same thing.

9. Keep it simple, for once.

10. All we needed was one focus group.

11. Hidden feminist everywhere.

12. Yes, all the way to that.

13. You cannot call this young lady uncute.

14. So the vote will be taken in 2117.

15. The feel is immensely satisfying.

16. You have no purpose being here.

17. Some logic has been detected.

18. A circle that never ends.

19. Women are doing that these days. Not that uncommon.

20. That’s all we can ever ask for.