The ‘World’s Hairiest Girl’ Deemed By Guinness Shaved Her Face And Is Happily Married Now

The girl that the Guinness World Records deemed to be the world’s hairiest person in 2010 is now happily married with her first love at the ripe age of 17. Sumatra Susuphan, from Bangkok, Thailand, was born with Ambras Syndrome, a form of hypertrichosis that causes excessive body-hair growth, which is also known as Werewolf Syndrome.


Doctors told her parents that laser treatment might work.

Sadly after having such laser treatment also, it didn’t stop the hair growth. So, Sumatra started to rely on shaving her excess growth of hair in her body. Earlier when she was younger, she was bullied and called many names, but the girl didn’t let that destroy her inner feelings. Instead, with strong determination and support from her family and friends, she gained more confidence and embraced herself.

She has the most loving and supportive family.


Gradually as she became older, she started having more friends and life became very normal for her. She wasn’t made fun of anymore!

Even though there are only 50 person in this world who suffers from the same disease, she took the rarity as a special gift and totally change the whole idea of being remorseful.

Sumatra finally shaved her faced for a special reason.

She found love at a young age and now she is married to him.

The couple looks very cute and genuinely happy with each other.

Her story is indeed very inspiring after all, it’s not about the earthly things or appearances that matters the most. Its being content in one’s own life that makes us stand out in a crowd. We hope the young couple stay happy and lead a happy married life together.

(h/t: DailyMail)