Vegan Youtuber forcibly puts her Pet Fox on a Vegan Diet, and He’s totally Changed Now

Everyone has a right to decide what they should eat. No one else should have a say in what you desire to eat as long as you don’t go crazy about it.

A vegan blogger named Sonia Sae chose to be vegan one day which is absolutely fine but then she went ahead and decided her pet Fennec Fox will have a plant-based diet along with some amino acids supplements. Instagram and Twitter user have pointed out the decline in the pet’s appearance. The blogger ruled it out, claiming that he’s perfectly healthy. She started to receive online threats.

The animal rights group, Vets, and vegans are saying that her behavior towards the pet is downright animal abuse.


 It all started from here. Meet Sonia Sae, a vegan blogger.

And this is her pet, Fennec Fox.


Soon after she started to put the pet on a vegan diet, it started getting weak and losing hear.

One can also notice that he is sore at places.

She claimed that it’s because of a pollen allergy among many other things.

Sonia is obviously forcing a vegan diet on him and he is losing weight tremendously because of it.

Sonia also went on a rant explaining her decision to keep the fennec fox on a vegan diet.

This is definitely spine-chilling.


Then, people threw some logic on Sonia which I completely stand by.

She is obviously being cruel towards the animal.

What are your thoughts about the situation? Do you think what she is doing is right or wrong?

Edit: The YouTuber is now claiming that everything is a lie in the video below.

(h/t: Imgur)