26 Savage Animal Memes to Make You Laugh Until You Go Like ¯\(°_o)/¯

Whether you’re an animal person or not it’s safe to say that most humans are emotionally attached to pet animals. There are a large number of people in this world that work well in the company of a domestic animal rather than an actual human. Not surprising at all. Pets are loyal to their masters, they don’t complain plus they are just adorable, so much better than humans if you ask me.

And there are many times when animals take up some funny acts and behaviors from their human counterpart, it’s inevitable to happen. They get used to it and they learn very quickly. Most of these actions that were caught on camera became the best meme on the Internet that can make you laugh any day. They are priceless!



1. Oh wow, that is one scary cuckoo-too!

2. Everybody has this face.

3. “Umm, did you just called me a wabbit, ma’am?”

4. Haha, this is so relatable.

5. Not really, not quite ready.

6. Walking down like a boss!

7. Are they even real kittens because I’m falling in love?

8. When you start spilling the beans.

9. Oh, this is me, acting all emotional whenever the radio plays a sad song.

10. That’s a legit reason, you gotta have them now.

11. Looking so calm with no clue at all what’s happening.

12. “Nope, I ain’t coming out of my cave”.

13. “Umm, where’s my magic carpet Hooman?”

14. Aww, she fits so well in that sink.

15. You just be the entertainer, that’s what you do!

16. “I may be meaty but I’m hawt too!”

17. Yeah, go be busy with your life Carol!

18. Wow, the sauciness is so subtle here.

19. Seems like a plan!

20. Pizza for life, right?

21. Those eyes are dead-scary, man!

22. Why do I feel like someone is spying on me?

23. “I swear Steven this paw is coming right at you”.

24. Happens every dang time.

25. “Oh darling, you seriously need to leave”.

26. Gotta lick them good, aye?

(Source: Imgur)