24 Earthly Things that will Totally Shock you Upon first Look

You’d be surprised to know that even after the rise in tech and science which has made the world a smaller and faster place, there are still many things we still don’t see every day. From animals to birds, natural calamity to man-made tech, it’s impossible to touch and see every surface on every spectrum. But one plus point we have is that of the Internet that makes it possible and a little less hard. Even without having to travel 1000’s of km deep in the ocean or fly up in the air, now we get to see things out of our reach easily through the screens of our laptops and mobile phones sitting at home sipping that lemonade (oh yeah, summer is already heating up).

And we have this collection of photographs below that might add some seasoning to your General Knowledge. See, it’s interesting and knowledgeable at the same time, told you, you were in good hands! Now, sit back and enjoy!



1. The tooth of a mighty whale.

2. The biggest known bird in the history of mankind.

3. Black opal gemstones that look like a galactic sky.

4. Aren’t these colorful bearded agama adorable?

5. Now that’s what a skull of a whale looks like!

6. Lingcod aka buffalo cod is a fish that has blue flesh, interesting right?

7. A train in Chongqing, China goes through a building in the middle of the city.

8. That’s what a camel get instead of a tattoo, isn’t it exotic?

9. It’s a skull of a Seal, those teeth are like a tiny chainsaw.

10. An egg of an Emu, the shell looks so gorgeous.

11. They are known as ‘Split lobster’, a group of colorful crustaceans with bi-color.

12. Peabody Essex Museum exhibited this magnificent looking piece of art with the help of light.

13. A skull of a multi-horned Jacob Sheep.

14. A kind of caterpillar with a cosmic color body.

15. Volkwagen’s storage area for brand new cars.

16. A Marine predatory animal which is known as Sea anemones. 

17. Greta oto is a species of brush-footed butterfly with transparent wings.

18. Black swallower is a species of deep-sea fish known for its ability to swallow fish larger than itself.

19. Baby cobra hatching through its egg.

20. Mount Sinabung in Indonesia erupting with thick smoke and ash streams.

21. This what the skeletal of a Pufferfish looks like.

22. Volcanic molten lava fall in a forest.

23. Freeman is a tiny man-made island located in San Juan Islands of the U.S. state of Washington.

24. These are Fossilized crinoids found in Kansas Ocean.

(h/t: eBaum’s World)