Mother Who Gave Birth to Sextuplets 7 Years Ago Got Really Famous and Here’s How they Look Now

If you are a person who stays updated with the trends consuming the Internet, you’d be aware of the family that became an internet sensation overnight. We are talking about Mia and Rozonno McGhee whose life and experiences have inspired us seven years ago. They are here yet again with a reboot of everything that happened back then.

The couple had been trying to conceive for a very long time. Fortunately, they finally did. However, the shock came when they came to know that they are pregnant with not one but six babies.


Yes, the couple were expecting sextuplet.

The chance of having six babies is one in 4.7 billion.

Hence, to say that it was a rare occurrence is probably putting it right.

In fact, in the entire US, there are only six sets of sextuplets ever born. The family has broken several records.

In 2010, they were the first sextuplets in Columbus, Ohio.

Brian Killian is the photographer who took the first picture of the family. With kids on Rozonno’s back, the picture became immensely popular.

After that, there was no stopping them. They were invited on Oprah to tell the tales of being new parents to six kids which is not an easy task.

As the family shot to fame, they were approached for a reality show named “Six Little McGhees”. The show ran for three years, charming the entire nation.

The charming family managed to stay in news for all the good reasons.

With a family of eight, it surely is quite difficult to meet the ends for the family.

The couple runs a carpet cleaning business.

The family has been together for 7 long years through thick and thin.

Remembering everything, they re-shot the popular picture that shot them to fame. The kids are definitely grown up now but still adorable.

The family is in talks for a new show named ‘Growing Up McGhee’.

We are eagerly waiting for it.

Here’s the picture you have been waiting for.

The one that made them famous so many years ago.

Aren’t they adorable?

(Source: Instagram)