A 30 seconds long video recorded By A Dog is now Trending with over 7M views for Good Reasons

Dogs do have their own way with everything. And when it comes to being one adorable ball of fur, they ace at it. In fact, they master every art which involves making a kissable face and cuddle-able moves.

When it comes to the dog being talked about in this particular article, Annika Bobb shares an awesome video with fellow twitteratis telling how her dog tried to run away with a phone.

This guy running with the phone is literally every single one of us trying to be happy and das away from problems.


People on Twitter obviously went gaga and decided that this video is the cutest thing on the internet right now.

A similar viral video from the past resurrected soon and everyone started to see the similarities.

Literally, there was so much similar that people lost their mind.


It was actually so cute watching twitteratis coming together was this one thing.

Are they the same video? Looks like it.

And this gang knows no limitations.

*The rise of the planet of the dogs*

They basically united about this.


We are enjoying it as well.

Just run, Karon. Run.

So are we, people.

Because it is that good.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

This is definitely better than anything we saw on the internet today.

This dog is my spirit animal and I inspire to be like it.

Let’s run away from all the life problems.